How to apply admission online for part time MBA Degree in a good college?

Most part time MBA courses are sought by full time professionals who want to maintain their jobs and study simultaneously. The demand for part time MBA courses has risen so steeply that many universities have developed custom made programs ideally suited to part time students.

What are the sign for professional Experiences.

If you have significant academic or professional experience, this often means that you can be fast tracked through your MBA studies, saving you time and money. Part time programs are highly focused. They do not include activities that are generally included in full time programs.

What are the opportunities after getting Part time MBA Degree?

As this makes part time studies a better option for you if you have to juggle between your professional and personal activities. As a part time student, you also have the opportunity to apply your learning on the job, which is beneficial to you and your organization.

Why Part-time MBA?

If you just want to get an “MBA” degree then you can go ahead for part-time MBA. It won’t teach you much, you will just rote stuff, appear for exams and bang you have a degree with minimal value to help in your career.

Now why people are doing part-time MBA after being in good jobs already?

The reason people do part-time MBA is, sometime helps them to get promotion in their current jobs. There may be a situation where your promotion is avoided since you don’t have a advance degree in comparison to your peers. I have seen some big hot shot corporate biggies who don’t have a full time MBA degree and their employer don’t know about this. They just used a part-time MBA degree to jump few ladders in corporate world.

What Are the Important Factors?

Keep in mind some institutions offer part-time MBA degree without mentioning anything about part-time in degree certificate. According to our experience in KOSMO part time MBA’s were not really that big in India. However, in last few years some of the biggest names in management education in the country have started targeting executive education, which has brought focus to Part time MBA’s. As far as post MBA career prospects are concerned, it is assumed that the candidate does have a job, so no placement assistance is provided.

So more often than not, career growth is not as explosive as in case of a full-time program. And in our country, placements are the most important factor in choosing a Business school, and lack of placement assistance serves as a dampener for all such programs.

Why Kosmo Education Institute is the Best Option to get admission in Part Time MBA Degree?

We at KOSMO understand that since you are researching for part time MBA for admission course you can’t give all of your time to us or the desired university but rest assured as you would be getting nothing but the best from us as we at KOSMO are having extensive skills in counselling as we are stalwarts in it.

You just have to be graduate from a registered university which is accredited under UGC and pay fees online and then leave everything to us. 

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